Have you been considering purchasing staffing agency software to help your recruiters with their daily duties? There are many advantages to having a software solution, but making sure you choose the right agency software is important. Though there are many available, not all of them offer the same benefits. It’s key to choose the software system that offers the most advantages.

Below, you’ll find a few tips that we hope will help you decide which software to choose.

Front and Back Office Advantage

Offering simple to use software for applicants, online, is key. In addition, there should also be a…

The right software should make it easy to monitor mobile workers and allow workers without desks to be more productive and efficient. Workforce Management Software helps business owners to manage employees locally while connecting with customers in real-time, on the move, and in a variety of other ways. They link everything to tools that help automate working hours, track mobile workers, and capture critical details.

When you buy workforce management software, make sure you find the availability, communication, credentialing and required integration skills for your business needs. …

As the economy recovers, recruitment software is becoming more and more essential for many businesses.

In January 2021, the Australian Bureau of Statistics announced that the number of unemployed people had dropped 3.8% monthly. Although the rate was still higher than in January 2020, mainly due to COVID-19, it showed a continued downward trend.

Recruitment is on the rise, a trend that is expected to continue in years to come. According to ResearchAndMarkets.com, the industry is expected to enjoy a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6% up to 2025.

With more focus on hiring, recruitment software is critical —…

Recruitment and Labour-Hire businesses go a long way to satiate the wants and desires of the powers that be through their perception versus perspective. A lot of it is lost in translation and government guidelines, pun intended.

What if there is an all-encompassing software in the market that looks at the recruitment process right from the advertisement or the job post till the invoicing and payroll. This would be a win-win situation not just for the workforce but also for the client and staff alike.

Recruitment CRM Software 2021

With most business transactions happening virtually, whether it is paying bills or attending a meeting…

In recent times, there has been tremendous technological growth that has transformed staffing industries in hiring and allocating shifts. The automated staffing software has helped companies to keep their calm during the increase in labour/staff and assigning them shifts. The primary aim of on-hire staffing software is to help organizations manage shifts, create roosters, create timesheets and payroll. It creates a systematic way through which information can be searched anytime and anywhere.

Entire software has rolled out entireHR the most revolutionary staffing software specifically designed for recruiting casual staff looking for an agency/temporary jobs or turning temporary jobs into permanent…

When it comes to adopting and implementing new software for your labour hire business, there are a lot of critical factors you need to consider and account for. The more of these critical factors you neglect, the higher the probability of failure and inability to get buy-in from your team.

One critical factor that many companies and even consultants that are helping to implement the software forget is the human element.

Let’s dig into this for a couple minutes and explore how humans — AKA your employees and team members — can stop a successful software implementation dead in it’s…

In an important move to assist aged care facilities in the current Covid-19 environment, the RCSA in partnership with Department of Health has created a program to provide urgent workforce assistance and help manage the Covid-19 outbreaks.

EntireHR is proud to be the platform now powering this program.

We strongly urge all healthcare agencies with skilled staff to aged care facilities including nursing, carers, hospitality and environmental services to join the program.

EntireHR tracks life shift updates, infection control across facilities and real-time workforce visibility and accountability. …

Any time you implement a new software within your business or organization, or any change for that matter, there are a lot of critical components that need to happen if you want the rollout to be successful. You’ve got to make sure everyone is trained, confirm all of the data is efficiently and accurately transferred over, perform tests to ensure everything is working properly; the list goes on and on.

But the absolute most important element you need to ensure the success of your new investment and change is BUY-IN! …

The software you use to run your labour hire business makes all the difference. Sure, you can continue with manual work arounds and tedious, outdated processes, but that’s no way to do business if you want to make a process. The better way is to streamline your processes and functions with technology. EntireHR is a great software that does exactly that. But, there are a lot of options out there that say they do what we do, only to let you down in the long-run. …

This is a question a lot of labour-hire business owners ask themselves: Is software worth the investment? The short answer is yes.

Think about it this way. Efficient labour-hire software outperforms humans in just about every facet of your business. It cuts down paperwork, manual work and time-consuming research and increases the speed of identifying, contacting and hiring the right person for a specified job.

Labour hire software solution takes manual and error-prone processes that humans do such as time tracking, generating payroll and assigning tasks and automates it all. How could this not help your business??!!

And it’s not…

Entire Recruit

Entire Recruit is an End-to-End Staffing & Workforce Management Software designed for Australian recruitment agencies. https://www.entirehr.com.au/

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